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General Best Practices

Location: Find a quiet place with fresh air.  

Seasonal Orientation / Direction: Each practice session should be coordinated with the seasonal cycle of Taoism, which recognizes five seasons. Your body must be properly aligned to the direction of Qi. You change direction when the season changes.

At the spring solstice, Qi springs up in the east; in summer, Qi flows from the south; in autumn,Qi comes in in the west; and at the winter solstice, Qi descends from the north.

Time: Best time to practice is in the evenings after sunset (11:00pm -1:00am or 3:00-5:00am is the time that the Qi is strongest.)

Adjustment of the Spirit: The goal is to achieve ru jing, the state of “falling into emptiness” When the mind is clear our spiritual side can meet our physical side. This is how we obtain genuine Qi from the universe.

Adjustment of the Body: Each action during practice is designed to remove “blockages” in the jinh mai, the main passageways that connect different parts of the body through which vital energy circulates. 

Position of Eyes: To help reach a state of “emptiness” rest your eyes and eyelids naturally downward. By keeping your eyes comfortably resting in your body, you are helping to prevent your own “spiritual self” from escaping into the external world.


Yes. Practicing daily restores the energy we lose each day. Like a bank account, we must maintain a balance between withdrawals and deposits.

30 minutes continuous practice is considered “one session”. This is the ideal length of time for beginners. Once you are advanced, two hours is ideal. Regardless, the most important factor is to practice daily, even for five minutes


Try to push yourself a little further than you think you can. When your body feels like it’s done try to at least hold it for 5, 10 or 15 seconds longer after that thought. We need to get our body used to the meditation position

If you can do 30 minutes daily, you should see an improvement within 3 days.

WBP meditation is hard for the beginner. That’s normal. Try to sit on chairs or sit on the floor or stand against the wall. Gradually, our body gets accustomed to the practice.

The fastest way to heal is to do standing meditation; however, understanding there are those who are unable to, can do a version of the posture sitting in a chair, against a wall, or in lotus.

Anytime you can find a moment to practice will be beneficial but yes, we do suggest the best time to practice is in the evenings after sunset (11:00pm -1:00am or 3:00-5:00am as that is when the Qi is strongest.)

Unfortunately we cannot do long distance healings with Qi but are working to offer online classes.

No, but we are currently working to create an app and offer online classes.

No. If you do, the Qi will disperse.

Zhan Zhuang uses belly breathing––the breath is focused from the abdominal. WBP comes from the chest and focuses on the lungs. WBP also uses the 8-point cardinal compass to practice in. (N, NE, E, S, SE, SW, W, NW)

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