An Excerpt From My Memoir

"The same energy that created stars and galaxies lies dormant within your belly. Not only do I believe this at the deepest level of my being—I know it to be true. "

I was blessed to have been born with a gift, but it is not unique to me. In fact, this potential is innate in all of us. Using this God-given gift, I’ve been honored to have healed hundreds of people from serious health ailments, or, more accurately, I have shown them how to heal themselves. 


Growing up under harsh conditions in Maoist China, where religion was banned, I managed clandestinely to explore Buddhism, Confucianism, and Taoism; and later, when I moved to the West, I studied the Bible and Christianity, which confirmed what I had begun to suspect: there is an open secret at the heart of all religions. Salvation lies within. We can actually “save” ourselves without any church, preacher, or other intermediary. The energy is inside of us. We just need to know where to look.

When Jesus restored sight to the man who’d been blind from birth, they called it a miracle. But a miracle is only a miracle when you don’t know how it’s done. For millennia, the ancient sages of the East have harnessed the life force—known in China as Qi (pronounced “chi”) or in India as Prana—to perform all sorts of feats that Westerners may regard as miraculous, sorts of feats that Westerners may regard as miraculous, even though in Asia this type of practice is considered a science. When Marco Polo traveled to China in the thirteenth century,  he was flabbergasted to see “fire arrows” and rockets propelled by gunpowder.

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“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic,” wrote Arthur C. Clarke, the great science fiction writer. 


Scientific breakthroughs that are beyond one’s frame of reference can appear to be miraculous. Imagine introducing Marco Polo to Google Maps. Imagine showing a Bic lighter to a caveman. Or, better yet, imagine exposing that caveman to a master Shaolin monk from my homeland who, by harnessing the boundless power of Qi, is able to start that fire with his bare hands.


The idea of looking to the East for answers has consumed some of the greatest Western minds. Visionary physicist Nikola Tesla became obsessed with the possibility of harnessing Prana (or Qi) and wrote: “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.” Tesla believed that this “Cosmic Energy,” which is both clean and limitless, could supplant oil, coal, natural gas, and all other forms of fuel. But he was never quite able to build a machine that could capture and direct this mystical energy, which is ironic—because the answer was directly under his nose.

The machine to harness Qi is the human body. And we can use this machine to heal ourselves—and others. Jesus took on human form and performed his “miracles” as a human to show us that these powers are available to us. That was one of Jesus’s most powerful teachings. We are all healers.


It is our job as humans to uncover the hidden mysteries and superpowers we all have within us. But accessing these powers requires considerable discipline and an understanding of our True Nature––which is boundless, eternal and filled with Light.

That was an excerpt from

Whole Body Prayer:

The Life-Changing Power of Self-Healing,

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Yan Ming Li - Founder